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List of Free Security and Privacy Dissertation Topics For You

Browsing dissertation topics before writing your actual dissertation is always a wise step in the right direction. Essayarsenal.co.uk offers free dissertation topics on numerous subjects that help you gain better understanding while choosing your research topic. We also offer help with your dissertation proposal or complete dissertation assistance from start to finish. The amount of data that has been stored or transferred between systems, users, or organisations has increased dramatically over the last decade. Data sharing between networks and public cloud platforms has also increased dramatically. Network and online attackers are constantly searching for new methods of gaining unauthorised access to such data, which has resulted in an increase in security and privacy issues. When confronted with a cyber attack, organisations face a variety of difficulties. It is also a vast and multifaceted area of law that is constantly changing to keep up with technological advancements. By the end of May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect, bringing a slew of new requirements for businesses when collecting and storing personal data, as well as the implications for data privacy. We'll look at 10 dissertation topics related to data privacy, starting with the most popular:

Evaluation of the Data Security & Privacy Issues

  • The advent of smart devices like smartphones and laptops has given rise to a new phenomenon known as "bring your own device," where employees of a company use their own personal devices to complete tasks or processes. As employees carry around their devices wherever they go, this approach raises serious questions about the security and privacy of corporate data, increasing the risk of unauthorised access. With this dissertation, I aim at evaluating BYOD's impact on data security and recommending security policies that can help companies implement a secure BYOD structure more effectively
  • Big Data in Healthcare

    • Healthcare organisations, like other business sectors, have digitised their patients' medical records. As a result, the total volume of data pertaining to density, multiplicity, and accuracy is increasing in health services. Patients' confidentiality and privacy, on the other hand, have grown to be major concerns in recent years, as evidenced by numerous data breaches at healthcare organisations. Patient privacy concerns will be evaluated, as well as the best security policies healthcare organisations can implement to prevent data breaches.
    • Public Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

      • Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on cloud-based systems like ERPS, which help them carry out numerous processes more efficiently and reliably. Although it offers many advantages, cloud computing also introduces security risks for businesses. We want to evaluate the relevant security vulnerabilities of cloud-based ERP systems and then propose a novel conceptual framework on how to improve the security structure of organisations using cloud-based ERPs in this dissertation.
      • Cyber Attacks in Organisations

        • Organizations must address a variety of issues in order to avoid cyber attacks. The purpose of this dissertation is to examine how organisations attempt to determine why attacks occur, particularly in relation to their own employees. It aims to ascertain how businesses monitor their technology for potential cyber threats.
        • Employee Training For Possible Cyber Attacks

          • Employees play a critical role in preventing cyber attacks. The purpose of this dissertation is to examine how organisations educate employees about potential cyber attacks. Additionally, it aims to establish how staff is developed and empowered to work in a technologically secure culture.
          • What are the threats to personal and organisational data privacy?

            • Web security and the Internet are constantly under attack by both private individuals and businesses. Using account hacking and insecure cloud services as examples, this dissertation aims to identify all potential threats to data security. Dissertation also looks to establish the costs of security violations, such as blackmail, money theft and identity fraud for individuals as well as organisations.
            • What can Individuals and Organisations Learn From Cyber Attacks

              • In the last thirty years, cyber attacks have been a constant feature of the media. Why are these attacks happening, and what can be done to prevent them in the future, given what we know now? For the last two decades, between 1998 and 2018, this dissertation aims to provide a comprehensive account of the most significant cyber attacks. According to what is learned from how these attacks occurred, recommendations will be made to help individuals and organisations stay safe in the future.
              • GDPR Impact on Security and Privacy

                • This topic would centre on the GDPR and the changes that have been implemented. Depending on the length of the dissertation, you could include a few changes or focus exclusively on one that will have a significant impact on social networks, such as changes to data use and consent (Article 4 of the GDPR). A recent event, such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, would be appropriate to include in order to assess the impact of this change on Facebook and whether or not it could have been avoided.
                • Data Protection Versus Data Privacy

                  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is aimed at enhancing individuals' online safety and the security of their personal data. Numerous protected rights exist, including the right to data erasure and the right to object to processing. This dissertation would examine individual rights and how businesses and institutions will cope with additional obligations. Additionally, the dissertation will examine the difficulty associated with this and the risk associated with failing to ensure these obligations are met, e.g., heavy fines.
                  • Data Privacy Legislation

                    • This dissertation will examine the history of data privacy and the various pieces of legislation that have been enacted. Additionally, it will examine the new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and whether it strikes the proper balance between privacy protection and innovation. Additionally, it would be beneficial to concentrate on a specific area, such as research, where the GDPR has made significant advancements in terms of processing and consent (Article 6). (4) Recital 159 of the GDPR also includes a broad definition of research.