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Philosophy Dissertation Topics And Ideas

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Ethics in Philosophy

  • What are the main issues in the meta-ethical debate between cognitivism and non-cognitivism?
  • Does moral scepticism help us learn more about ethical issues?
  • When it comes to making moral decisions, how does normative ethics help us determine what is right and wrong?
  • How well-established is the Stoic philosophy in terms of a normative ethical framework?
  • What are the most important ramifications of Kant's deontological ethical framework?
  • In your opinion, does Habermasian discourse theory have what it takes to succeed Kant's philosophy?
  • Philosophy of Mind

    • The functionalist approach to understanding mental states is promoted in what way by Ren� Descartes' dualist philosophy of mind?
    • Is the concept of consciousness a product of the brain or the body?
    • When it comes to the philosophy of mind, how does behaviourism fit in with a monist perspective?
    • What are the ramifications of Ren� Descartes' dualist position on the interactionist perspective?
    • What impact has the monist-dualist debate had on neuroscience's discussion of consciousness's conceptual foundations?
    • Is it possible to explain consciousness in terms of biological processes?
    • Political Philosophy

      • How does Michael Sandel's rejection of meritocracy conflict with classical liberalism's support for freedom?
      • Progressivism: new idea or classic liberalism with a modern twist?
      • In what ways has the struggle between liberty and justice influenced Western political theory?
      • Was the "theory of justice" of John Rawls instrumental in spreading identity politics?
      • Has the rise of identity politics in Western societies exacerbated the already-existing social cleavages?
      • Having entered the age of information, has Western political thought slid into pessimism?