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Get your fluid mechanics assignments problems solved from experts

Solving problems related to engineering assignments can sometimes be real scary and when it comes to fluid mechanics, most of the students are left scratching their head over how to work out the numerical questions as well as theory.

There are good reasons why fluid mechanics problems scare many students, but thanks to our smart mechanical engineering writers, you no longer have to worry about getting your work done. We are here to assist you.


How much does it cost

Normally, a simple fluid mechanics assignment costs 80 GBP to 100 GBP. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the number of questions, how tight the deadline is and how complex the problems are.

Factors that determine your assignment cost

Getting your fluid mechanics problems solved is not like buying an airline ticket online. There are several factors that impact the final price quote for your project. To get the exact price quote for your project, you have to send us your questions or talk to our sales team via Live Chat.


How many problems

The more the number of problems you have to get solved, the higher the price. Sometimes, students have so many questions to be done, but they are not that hard and the writer can get the job done quicker than usual. So, we offer discounted rates for such tasks.


What is the deadline

The tighter the deadline for your task, the higher the price. A 24-hour deadline assignment will cost more than the one that has a 5-day deadline. Strict deadlines force us to assign a writer who can complete the project within the given time as it takes more energy, better time-management and smarter problem-solving skills to give customers the best deal for their money.


How hard the questions are

Not every fluid mechanics problem requires the same skills. There are questions that require more work than the others. Sometimes, a project may have both numerical and theory questions. So, you best bet is to consult us through an email or live chat and get a price quote according to your own assignment.


How qualified our experts are

Most of our experts are in Master's in all engineering branches while some of them are smart students who are good enough to help students like you. When you place your order with us for your project, we only assign those engineering writers who have already worked on the problems and solutions you are looking for. Although our writing team boasts engineering experts related to all branches such as electrical, civil, mechanical, electronics, chemical and biomedical, we will only assign those professionals who are expert in answering fluid mechanics questions.


Talk directly to our fluid mechanics helpers

If you have been given questions by your university or college, you should waste no more time and get in touch with one of our chat representatives and proceed to order by giving us all the instructions and guidelines.

When you talk to our chat representative for your task, you can discuss your project details and instructions by letting them know the number of pages you need, the topic and the date by which you want your work done. If you cannot find time to sit through a chat conversation, you can send us a quick email as we will respond within an hour or two.


Fluid Mechanics Problems and Assignment Help


Theory and problems help we can provide

Our experts and professionals have worked on a lot of fluid mechanics problems and solutions and we can proudly say that if you have questions related to any topic, be it numerical or theory, we will help you with confidence, precision and efficiency.

These are some of the problems and topics we frequently work on:

  • Static Fluid System
  • Calculating pressure and thrust
  • Calculating drag force and coefficient
  • Immersed surfaces: Rectangular and circular surfaces e.g. retaining walls, tank sides, sluice gates, inspection covers, valve flanges
  • Centre of pressure: Use of parallel axis theorem for immersed rectangular and circular immersed surfaces
  • Viscosity: Shear stress, shear rate, dynamic and Kinematic viscosity
  • Viscosity measurement: Operating principles and limitations of viscosity measuring devices e.g. falling sphere, capillary tube, rotational and orifice viscometers
  • Real Fluids: Newtonian, non-Newtonian and dilatant, pseudoplastic, Bingham and Casson plastic
  • Calculate head loss: Head loss in pipes by Darcy's formula, Moody diagram, head loss due to sudden enlargement and contraction of pipe diameter, head loss at entrance to a pipe, head loss in valves, flow between reservoir due to gravity, hydraulic gradient, siphons and hammer blow in pipes
  • Reynold's number: Intertia and viscous resistance forces, laminar and turbulent flow, critical velocities
  • Viscous drag: Dynamic pressure, form drag, skin friction drag and drag coefficient
  • Dimensional analysis: Checking validity of equations such as those for pressure at depth; thrust on immersed surfaces and impact of a jet, forecasting the form of possible equations such as those for Darcy's formula and critical velocity in pipes
  • Impact and power of jet
  • Velocity diagrams, fluid friction losses and system efficiency
  • Turbo machines including the Pelton wheel, Francis Turbine and Kaplan Turbine
  • Operating principles of pumps: Applications of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, head losses, pumping power, power transmitted, system efficiency
  • Engineering mathematics
  • Concept of continuum
  • Density, cohesion force, adhesion force, capillarity and meta centre
  • Conditions of equilibrium of floating and submerged
  • Compressibility
  • Derivations: Pascal's law, Relationship between bulk modulus & pressure (P) for the gas, Hydrostatics law, total pressure & centre of pressure for vertical and inclined surface
  • Fluid Kinematics: Eulerian and Lagrangian description of fluid flow, stream, streak and path lines, types of flows, stream and potential functions, flow net and its methods of drawing
  • Derivations: differential equation of continuity in Cartesian coordinates, differential equation of continuity in polar coordinates
  • Fluid Dynamics theory: kinetic and momentum correction factors
  • Derivations: Euler's equation, Bernoulli's equation, Venturimeter, Orificemete, Pitot tube, Force exerted by a flowing fluid on a pipe bend
  • Theory - Compressible fluid flow: Mach number and types of according to Mach number and Stagnation properties, Constant volume and constant pressure process, Isothermal and adiabatic process
  • Derivations: Bernoulli's equation or energy equation for compressible flow, Continuity equation and equation of state for compressible flow, Propagation of elastic waves due to compression of fluid, Propagation of elastic waves due to disturbance in fluid