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Browse Film and Theatre Dissertation Topics For Free

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Politics of Film and Theatre

  • Is it possible that staging classic plays like Shakespeare's can speak to current political issues?
  • Is modern cinema still able to shock, or has the commercialism and need for sequels dulled this ability?
  • An investigation into whether the modern film industry has become dominated by star actors at the expense of the rest of the industry. with a nod to Tom Cruise's role in The Mummy (2017).
  • Is modern film still a reflection of society, or is it more about escaping from it?
  • An examination of the influence that films have had on today's youth culture.
  • Its Connection To Public

    • To what extent do fan-made films such as 'Dark Jedi' (a fan-made Star Wars film, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn1o9lPTSbY) contribute to the success of the franchise? ) pioneer a new form of filmmaking enabled by platforms such as YouTube?
    • If cinemas are required to engage the public and divert them away from made-for-TV drama, has the 2020 Covid Pandemic derailed this effort?
    • An examination of street theatre and its contribution to popular theatre.
    • Discuss the adaptation of theatre performance in today's media-saturated world.
    • Are the performing arts still accessible to the general public, or have they devolved into expensive luxuries reserved for the educated middle classes?
    • Has Covid-19 ushered in a new era of film media production that is increasingly produced independently of the major studios?
    • Gender and Race

      • Is it worth debating whether or not theatre should use gender- and race-neutral casting?
      • In the current directions of social movements, does theatre lead or follow trends? How does theatre reflect these trends?
      • The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) cast a woman as King John in 2019. Is this a return to the all-male Elizabethan theatre tradition of cross-gender casting, or is it just a "eccentric measure" that doesn't add anything to the show, as one critic suggested?
      • A theatre critic for the Daily Mail criticised the Royal Shakespeare Company for its "clunky approach to politically correct casting (which) weakened its stage product" This judgement is based on valid concerns about recent casting decisions or a worrying lack of appreciation for modern diversity.
      • Is modern theatre still challenging sexist and racist stereotypes?
      • Are popular films still made in ways that satisfy masculine scopophilia, based on Mulvey's (1975) theories of the male gaze?
      • Discuss if the male gaze in cinema today has a direct female equivalent.
      • Technological Innovation

        • Is VOD more widely available because it is digitally delivered rather than physically seen? Talk about the Netflix release of Martin Scorsese's The Irishman.
        • What will be the impact of VR on film and live theatre/music in 2021, given how it has altered the gaming industry?
        • In the case of 'Pippin,' is the use of computer-generated action on stage a step too far?
        • The use of 3D technology on stage and in theatres has been controversial. Determine whether or not 3D theatre and live performance has potential.
        • What does the moviegoer expect in terms of technology, or is this just a ruse to hide a weak script?