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List of Free Feminism Dissertation Topics For You

As an exploration of feminist philosophy and critique, doing a long-term project like a dissertation or capstone is a wonderful way to make a valuable contribution to the growing and complex field of research. The overarching theme of 'Feminism' is an all-encompassing and wide subject, which enables students to follow various lines of investigation. To say that this is more true than ever in 2021 is an understatment. In order to help you come up with culturally relevant themes and ideas for your dissertation, take a look at the following list.

Browsing dissertation topics before writing your actual dissertation is always a wise step in the right direction. Essayarsenal.co.uk offers free dissertation topics on numerous subjects that help you gain better understanding while choosing your research topic. We also offer help with your dissertation proposal or full dissertation help from start to finish.

Feminism Third Wave

  • Generational conflict within the feminist movement: Is it possible to distinguish the three distinct waves of Feminism while maintaining a unified philosophy?
  • Why the notion that 'if you believe men and women are equal, you are a feminist' is insufficient in the Feminist movement's third wave.
  • Postfeminism vs. The Fourth Wave: Is Feminism capable of navigating the fractured landscape of twenty-first-century feminist thought in order to form a coherent movement?
  • An examination of the third wave's inadequacy as the final evolution of feminist thought, as well as how the fourth wave will be defined.
  • Feminism in the Developing Context

    • How does feminist thought differ in developing contexts from western feminist philosophy?
    • A critical examination of the ways in which Western Feminism falls short of addressing the global women's concerns.
    • Is it possible for a Western philosophy to adequately represent women living in the aftermath of colonial rule in a postcolonial society?
    • What is the relationship between the occurrence of Feminist movements in highly religious communities in developing nations?
    • The History of Feminism in Kenya - How does the history of the feminist movement in independent Kenya compare to the evolution of the movement in the United Kingdom?
    • Is advancing gender equality in developing contexts a moral obligation or an imperialist project?
    • Ecofeminism Dissertation Topics

      • The world is a woman: How can feminist philosophy help us understand the current climate change debate?
      • What role does feminism play in averting environmental degradation in the year 2021?
      • Women's right to choose and the ethical debate over animal products consumption: Is veganism a Feminist ideal?
      • Ecofeminism's dilemmas: Where is the line drawn between defending an oppressed ecology and imposing oppressive ideals?
      • Examining the relationship between the Authoritarian right's anti-environment and anti-feminist political philosophy.
      • Priority or Privilege? A critical examination of the Ecofeminist movement's failure to address class issues and the consequences for its effectiveness.
      • Feminism and Politics

        • Only Fans' feminist sex work and body politics: How does sexual liberation manifest itself in today's Feminist movement, and is it tainted by the oppressive patriarchal structures that govern?
        • WAP: Empowerment vs. Degradation, or an examination of the musical and cultural landscapes of 2021 through the lenses of first, second, and third-wave Feminist thought.
        • Acceptance of fatness as a feminist issue? Examining fat philosophy as a critique of patriarchal standards of beauty.
        • In consumerist societies, how has capitalism benefited from the Feminist body positive movement?
        • Is the movement toward personal responsibility in the body incompatible with the goals of health at any size, and where is the line between advocacy and irresponsibility?
        • An examination of contemporary Feminist philosophy's contradictory views on the ethics of trans athletes in professional sports.
        • Examining the debate between advocates for trans-inclusive language and feminist scholars who oppose the decline of feminine language.
        • Intersectional Feminism Dissertation Topics

          • Black Lives Matter movement leadership and organisational structure: What is the role of feminism in that framework?
          • Using a Feminist critique to investigate the connection between police brutality and patriarchal society.
          • The movement must be able to reconcile the two experiences of dominance and oppression that women face in the 21st century.
          • In this critical evaluation of the role of identity politics in 21st-century social justice movements, we explore the lives of black trans people.
          • How are Intersectional Feminism's efforts to untangle systems of oppression from one another going?
          • Feminism has an important role to play in addressing the issues that face gay and trans men.
          • The need for Intersectional Feminist scholarship in the process of effecting social change is reflected in the need for Intersectional Feminist scholarship on domestic violence.