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Free Disseration Topic Ideas For Students

There are over 1000 dissertation topics that student can choose from. Each subject has hundreds of topics and the best advice we can give to students is: choose and finalize the topic only if you are passionate about it. When you choose to write about dissertation of your liking, the chances are you will fare well in terms of final score and grade. Essayarsenal has laid out some popular and common topics of different subjects in this post below that you can choose and finalize. You can always ask our professional and expert dissertation writers to help you with your project.

How To Choose Your Topic?

You need to ask yourself a couple of simple questions before choosing your dissertation topic. Does the topic interest you? Does the scope of your topic meet the major subject you are studying? Does the topic garner research interest and worth focusing on? Once you have answered these simple questions, you already know whether you should continue with the topic or not.

Sometimes, you may not able to arrive at a proper topic for dissertation and in that case, you may ask our dissertation writers to look one for you. You can use one of the topics mentioned below. If your subject area is not present in this list, you can ask us via email or live chat and we will find a suitable dissertation topic for you.

Dissertation Topics in Management

Management is a diverse field of study and there are over hundreds of topics and sub-niches that students can choose as their topic for dissertation. As a student, it is important to choose a good and interesting topic for your management dissertation. This helps ensure solid foundational work towards your final dissertation. It goes without saying that choosing the right dissertation topic is half work done. Below are the categories of management-related topics that you can choose from: leadership management, knowledge management, management information systems, organizational culture and organizational behaviour.

Leadership Management Dissertation Topics

The role of leadership in company's internal procedure and its impact on company's revenues.

Case Study of Rentokil: Role of Company's Leadership in Growth

New Leadership Management Recruitment and How It Impacts Business Operations.

How can new management turn around the business growth and send company into making profits? A case study of Rentokil.

Case Study of Huawei: The Role Of New Leadership in Company's Growth.

How can new leadership influence company's business growth positively or negatively?

Case Study of Tesco's Fresh and Easy Format. How the UK model can be replicated in the US.

Can Northern Rock's new CEO achieve new business heights for the firm?

The Role of Leadership Management in UBS' growth and reputation.

Case Study of British Airways: How New Leadership Management can promise sustained growth and profitability of the company?

Role UBS new leadership management in enhancing the performance of the company.

Case of Aviation Industry: How Leadership management can ensure the sustainability of a firm?

A case study of Morrison: Leadership Management

Can RBS leverage the ABN Amro merger in amid the financial credit crisis?

Case Study of Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse: How leaders can ensure proper integration?

How retirement of Sir Ken Morrison impacted organisations' performance and sustainability?

What Positive impact leaders leave on employees performance to gain competitive edge in the market?

How can leadership management improve employee management and motivation?

Dissertation Topics in Law

Law students often find it difficult to come up with topics for law dissertation. As a result, they have to seek law writing services to assist them with the process. Below are various law topics that you might consider using to write your dissertation.

Immigration Law

Family Immigration with Children: What are the gaps in law?

Nationality Laws: What Are The Implications For Aspiring Immigrants?

The problem of Sham marriages for purpose of immigration and its legal implication and surrounding laws.

Can mentally/physically ill people be eligible for UK immigration?

The Legal circumstances under which immigrants can be allowed entry into the UK.

UK immigration and emigration laws

Immigration and Refugee Laws

Violation of UK immigration laws and its implications: case studies.

Laws pertaining to Immigrant's commiting crime in the UK and its legal repercussions and challenges.

UK's rendition and extradition laws.

Immigrants' Children born in the UK: Their legal rights, limitations and status.

Family Law

Divorce Laws and Division of Assets.

Child Labor Law.

Child Abuse Within Family: The legal remedy and repercussions.

Legal Problems For A Couple When Approaching Their Divorce.

The Relocation of Children and its associated legal implications.

Domestic Violence: The Legal Framework to Curb and Punish those involved.

When courts can intervene in family matters?

Marriage Age Laws: Should the current laws exist or change?

The status of Children after Parents' divorce.

Child Neglect, Child Abuse and Child Murder Laws in the UK.

The problem of homelessness: how laws protect the homeless children from being subject to child abuse and child labour.

Abortion laws in the UK.

Criminal Law

Death Penalty: Should it be abolished or reinforced?

Is lie detector beneficial and effective in criminal proceedings of the case?

UK's regulations about rape allegations and when allegations become revenge-driven.

Legislation about rape allegations from females and males: Is there a bias that influences the criminal proceedings?

Manslaughter: How regulations need to be improved to protect innocent victims?

Confessional Statements: Are they often a result of force and pressure? How courts can accurately determine the authenticity of confessional statements?

The Punishment and history of intentional murder or attempt-to-murder.

International Law

Refugee regulation and protection laws: Are the laws enough solve the global refugee problems?

UK's military cooperation with the US: Past Invasions and Future Considerations.

When does international allow for foreign intervention in other regions and affairs?

Human rights violation laws and different implications across the globe.

What is the criterion for a regulation to become international.

The historical role of UK as a peacemaker around the world.

What international laws should the UK adopt for its local advantages?

Difference between international and national regulations.

What are the ammendments that can be applied to international legal code?

Medical Law

Should marijuana be legalized in the UK?

Should abortion be legalized or not across the globe?

Should male partners have the privilege to sue their female partners for abortion?

Should abortion be criminalised?

Use of Euthanasia: Should it be legalized in assisted suicide?

Is embryo capable of feelings and sensations therefore abortion should be forbidden?

Legal framework to prevent forced pregnancies.

Legal protection for prevention of discriminatory practices at hospitals.

Legal complications of organ transplantation: its weaknesses and strengths.

Legal regulations for stem cell research and reasoning for its use.

Should forced sterlisation be legalised? What are the strong arguments in favor of it?

How legal framework determines the responsible events and persons in case of medical complications during surgeries?

Stem cell research: regulations and implications.

Dissertation Topics in Education

Dissertation Topics in Business

Dissertation Topics in Marketing

Online Shopping Applications and its Impact On Consumer Behaviour.

Product Design and its Effect on Customers' Decision Making.

Case Study of IKEA.

Case Study of Apple.

The Impact of Huawei's Aggressive Marketing Techniques on Mobile Phone Industry.

The Marketing Of Loyalty and Subscription Programs and its impact on businesses.

The effect of promotional products on businesses and their sales.

The 4 Ps of Marketing Mix.

The role of marketing in the business success of new brand.

Using Social Media To Boost Company's Marketing Strategy.

Marketing Strategies to Combat Consumer Boycott.

Corporate Marketing In Small Businesses.

Promotional Marketing Campaigns To Boost Sale Revenues.

Credit Cards and Online Consumer Behaviour.

Marketing Strategies To Increase Positive Retail Consumer Behaviour.

Consumer Perception of Branded and non-branded products.

Role of Colors in Marketing Clothing Business.

Role of Genders and Age on Buying Preferences.

Mobile Marketing and Its Benefits.

Advantages and disadvantages of online advertising in international marketing.

Word of Mouth Marketing.

Marketing Strategy of Amazon.

Marketing Strategy of Tesco.

Wallmart Marketing Strategy.

Ethical Consideration in Marketing and Its impact on Brands.

Brand Dissertation Topics

Ethnic Markets in the UK such as Asian, Indian, Pakistani Brands and their performance.

Consumer Perception Towards Brands: The Case of KFC, Starbucks, McDonalds.

Brand Equity and Risks in the UK's retail market.

Impact of Tangible and Intangible Brand Values on Product Marketing.

SME and its effect on brand image.

Transferability of Brand Image between different sectors.

Branding: Case Study of Virgin Cola in the UK.

Branding: Case Study of Shell, Nike and Starbucks.

How does unethical business practices impact brand image?

Use of Social Media Marketing To Sustain Brand Image For Small Business.

Use of Social Media Marketing To Sustain Brand Image For Corporate and Large-Scale Business.

Mobile Phone Applications and How It May Improve Brand Equity For Both Small and Big Businesses.

Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

The Use of Smart Phone in Customer Retention and Attraction: Case of MNCs.

Challenges of Social Media for Small-to-Mid Businesses

Tesco's loyalty card scheme in today's competitive business landscape

How can relationship marketing be used to attract new customers through social media.

Amazon's pricing strategy and its impact on its products and services.

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty

Barriers Towards Customer Retention in Airline Industry.

Product Quality and Its Correlation with Customer Loyalty.

Marketing Strategies to Deal with Polygamous Customer Behaviour.

Social Media Marketing To Boost Relationship Marketing with Customers

Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

Can Social Media Marketing Complement Direct Marketing?

Cold Calling and Its Impact on Sales

Body Shop and Tesco's loyalty programs to sell directly to customers: Is it a flawed or successful strategy?

Online Consumer Behaviour and Its Impact on Direct Marketing Strategies

How Do Customers Respond to Direct Marketing Messages For An Online Book Selling Business?

Are Free Mediums such as social media and chat rooms an incentive to direct marketing efforts?

Are Customers Aware of Unscrupulous Direct Marketing Sales Techniques and Pitches?

How Does Accent of Telemarketers influence customer behaviour in an international product selling business scene?

Direct Marketing Tactics: A Comparison of Online and Offline Methods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing Methods.

Is Direct Marketing Still A Great Alternative To Social Media and Other Online Marketing Methods

The 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion, Place) of Marketing Mix Topics

How Do Pricing Techniques Affect Online and Offline Business Sales.

Case study of ITunes: How Overt Pricing Strategy Might Affect Brand Image?

Case Study of Marks and Spencer: Impact of Its Promotional Campaigns.

Case Study of Shell: Impact of Its Promotional Campaigns.

Case Study of Walterstone: How Its Promotional Strategies Impact Customers' Purchase Decisions?

Impact of Product Information On Consumer Behaviour.

The Benefits and Pitfalls of Online Marketing In International Marketing.

Scotch Whiskey: Business Impact After Brexit.

Sports Event Advertisement and Its Impact on Big Brands.

Is word of mouth marketing part of marketing mix?

Importance of Location In the UK's Airline Industry.

The Importance of Marketing Mix For Non-Profit Organisations.

Social Media Networks Marketing Dissertation Topics

The Impact of Facebook's, positive, negative and natural comments on user's future interaction on the platform.

Facebook Games: Why users tend to spend more time on fun-related and game apps on Facebook than their serious and more functional counterparts?

Banner Advertisement on All Social Media Platforms: A Comparative Case Study and their performance.

Viral Marketing Case Study: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Is electronically communicated word-of-mouth message more effective than traditional and offline methods.

Social Media Customer Reviews and Their Impact on Business Brand Image.

Can Traditional Loyalty be Replicated in Social Media Marketing.

How Facebook Marketing May Help Non-Profit Organisations's Causes and Aims

Can a corporate firm measure the ROI of social media marketing campaign.

The effectiveness of brand pages on their offline sales.

Brand Loyalty: Does social media marketing help increase it?

How can firms use social media marketing to change consumer beahviour favorably?

Ethical Marketing Dissertation Topics

Case Study of PETA: Success of Controversial marketing communication while others fail.

Strict Spam and Phishing Laws: How it gave rise to cleaner marketing environment online.

Ethical Marketing Case Study: Marks and Spencer, Body Shop, Levi Strauss, Pepsico and Coca Cola.

Fair Trade Compliance Requirements: Impact on Consumer's Behaviour.

EasyJet's Pricing Strategy: How it changed customer's behaviour and demands.

CSR initiatives: Its Impact on Company's growth and future goals.

Case Study of Shell: Its relationship with customers/

Case Study of Nestle.

Market Growth and Environment: How CSR Initiatives change consumer behavior in favor of company.

Relationship of Ethical marketing strategies with corporate social responsibility.

Consumer Behaviour Marketing Topics

How Amazon has shifted the paradigm of consumer behavior from offline to online.

Sports Marketing: How It impacts consumer behaviour.

A Case of companies using Big Data to understand consumers' psychology.

Case Study of Green Marketing.

Case Study of Blockbuster Marketing.

Does motivation to stay updated and modern prompt buying behaviour among college and university students?

The Role of Gender in Buying Luxury Items.

Fancy Buying: Does It Matter When It comes to Old aged people.

How Social Media is Changing Consumer Behaviour Dramatically?

Mobile Marketing Dissertation Topics

How does permission-based marketing influence mobile marketing strategies?

The Challenges of Mobile Marketing For Corporate and Small Businesses.

Does Mobile Marketing Boost Customer Retention?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing Strategies.

Can Mobile Marketing Produce Viral Results?

Mobile Payments: A revolution in banking and retail industry.

Case Study of Vodafone.

The Role of Customer Relationship Management(CRM) in mobile marketing strategies.

How Brand image can be improved using mobile marketing.

Can mobile marketing be used to increase offline sales?

Is Mobile Marketing a Recipe for Business Growth?

What Makes Mobile Marketing A Big Hit or Fail?

Culture-Specific Marketing Dissertation Topics

How does innovation and culture influence the business performance of SMEs in China.

How Asian Culture in the UK has led to massive unique marketing opportunities for businesses.

Case Study of Toyota: Marketing Techniques of company across cultures and countries.

Does Language play a massive part in culture-driven marketing strategies?

Globalisation and its impact on cultures across the world: is it a boon or bane?

Does globalization bring culture invasion?: A Case of Chinese enterprises in Kenya.

The role of Cultural identity for businesses in France.

The range of marketing topics extends beyond this list. If you have already chosen your topic or want to find out another unique marketing topic, you can ask us and we will find one for you. This is list is intended to give you an idea and couple of topics that you can consider working on.

Dissertation Topics in Architecture

Dissertation Topics in Finance

Dissertation Topics in Commerce

Dissertation Topics in Psychology

Dissertation Topics in Science

Dissertation Topics in Computer Science

Dissertation Topics in Statistics

Dissertation Topics in Nursing

Dissertation Topics in Arts and Humanities

Dissertation Topics in Criminology